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Our New ‘rugged’ Upwind Turbine range is based on 2 years of real-life testing and development in Warwickshire and the Uplands of Scotland.

Using our unique Permanent Magnet Generators, combined with our Hi-Spec Wind Turbine Blade Sets, these furling turbines create very useful power in low wind conditions, and over 1000W in winds of 12.5m/s.
wind generator

Available in 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V DC versions, they are suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and Grid-Tie installations.

We don’t recommend, nor will we authorise the installation of any of our turbines in ‘building-mounted’ installations, other than for steel-framed and other industrial buildings. These turbines are tower-top ready, and will fit on to any of our Tower Kits listed here. These can be purchased separately, and can be made to your specific requirements where feasible. All FuturEnergy Wind Turbines must be installed using our approved towers.  Distributors and Re-Sellers based in the UK must also use only those towers approved for use with our turbines.  Please order your tower kit when ordering your turbine, since there is usually a 3-5 week lead time on all towers.  For a complete guide to towers, system designs and grid-tied inverters, see this Turbine Guide

Your turbine will be supplied in 2 shipping containers, weighing a total of 30Kg, and you will be required to attach the tailfin and blades to the main turbine housing. All instructions will be supplied to guide you through the simple assembly, and you should be ready to mount and use your turbine in only a few hours. For battery charging applications we suggest that you use a suitable charge controller to prevent your batteries from becoming overcharged.

• Mechanically furling tail fin for high wind protection
• Unique high-spec Permanent Magnet Generator
• 5 top-grade glass filled nylon turbine blades
• Sealed bearings in mast-mounting shaft
• 60 Amp rated slip-ring prevents cable-twisting
• Aerodynamic profile design
• Patented anti-vibration locking washers
• Rugged and simple, with a minimum of parts and simplicity of design
• Zinc-plated and Stainless Steel with powder-coated and anodised aluminium for optimal corrosion and weather resistance
• Manufactured in the UK


Technical Specifications


  • Nominal Power Output - 1000W (600W / 12v Version)
  • Start-Up Wind Speed - 2.5m/s
  • Cut-In Wind Speed - 3.2m/s
  • Rated Wind Speed - 12.5m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed - 50m/s
  • Rotor Diameter - 1.8m
  • Number of Blades - 5
  • Generator Type - 3-Phase Perm Magnet (this is rectified to DC inside the turbine, giving a 2-wire DC output)
  • Weight - 22Kg
  • Suitable Tower Diameter - 50mm
  • Noise: LAeq 35dB @ 5m/s @ 5m behind rotor
  • Noise: LAeq 54dB @ 7m/s @ 5m behind rotor
  • ROHS compliant
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gnerator motor

wind motor

Permanent Magnet Generators

At the heart of our 1KW Turbines is this Permanent Magnet Generator.  Using the very latest in rare earth magnets we are able to produce very high power outputs at low RPM levels, while achieving this from a PMG weighing only 7Kg.  With a wide variety of uses, from wind and water turbines, to fuel-powered generators, we are offering these PMG's to anyone who wishes to adapt them into their own products.

Supplied with 3-Phase power output cables (approx 15cm in length), 20mm axle with a "flat" and "recess" for securing, and 5 x 8mm nuts, washers and split rings on the faceplate mounting bolts. You will need to rectify the output of the 3-phases to produce DC for battery charging and other applications. Our PMG's are not guaranteed for use with your own rectifier solutions, and so we can supply a 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier Kit for this item for around £16.20 inc VAT, please ask when ordering.


For a technical spec, click here Buy Now - £150 inc VAT (£127.66 Ex VAT)

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Windmaster 500 Grid-Tie Inverter

The Windmaster 500 offers a simple solution when connecting an FE1048 turbine to your household mains supply. With it's light weigh and compact size, the Windmaster 500 can be installed inside existing meter cupboards, or in outbuildings, but is not suitable for use outdoors. Connection to the input of the inverter is provided by 2 dedicated DC power plugs, supplied. The output should be connected in accordance with the electrical requirements for the country of installation.

This inverter is supplied exclusively by FutureEnergy in the UK, and comes complete with DC input plugs, PC-Link connection and Monitoring/Logging software. In low wind sites it is advisable to use only one inverter with the FE1048, since over 90% of the power produced by the turbine will lie under the 500W export power limit of the inverter. For higher wind speed sites, we would suggest using 2 inverters, connected in parallel, to handle the full power of the FE1048 turbine. No charge controller is required when using these inverters, since they can handle a much higher input voltage than the turbine can produce, even in power-cut situations.

In "Hybrid" systems (those involving both wind turbines and solar PV), use the standard Soladin 600 inverter, keeping the installation simple and very neat.

Download the full details of the Windmaster 500  &  G83 Certificate

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Xantrex C40 & C60 Charge Controllers

For use in Battery-Based systems, these rugged charge controllers offer protection against overcharging when used with our wind turbines.  The Xantrex C60 is capable of handling charging currents of 60A, and is suitable for use with battery banks of 12V and 24V only.  The C40 can handle charging currents of up to 40A, and is suitable for use in 48V battery charging applications which use our turbines. 

In order to use either of these controllers with your FE Turbine and Battery Bank, you will require a suitable dump load for connection to the C40 or C60.  These dump loads are shown below, and can be bought separately if required.

The following number of dump loads are required with each of the following battery voltages.

  • For 12V systems use only the C60 and 2 Dump Loads (in parallel)

  • For 24V systems use only the C60 and 1 Dump Load

  • For 48V systems use only a C40 and 2 Dump Loads (in series)

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Buy Now - Xantrex C40 - £155 inc VAT (£131.92 Ex VAT)

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dump load

Dump Loads

For use with either of the Xantrex charge controllers above, these dump loads are effectively very high power air heating elements.  The C40 and C60 charge controllers are used in 'Load Diversion' mode, and as such, they dissipate any unwanted power into these dump loads when your battery bank becomes fully charged.  It is vital to use a charge controller to prevent damage to your batteries, especially if you leave your system unattended for long periods of time, and without loading your batteries with an inverter, or other suitable device. 

These dump loads should be mounted as close as possible to your C40 or C60 charge controller.  They should be mounted in free circulating air, and not in an enclosed space.  The power connection blocks are made of solid brass, and all cabling used should be securely connected using the bolts provided.  Please ensure that you choose the correct number of dump loads for the battery bank voltage you are charging.  See above for details.

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turbine blade


Wind Turbine Blade Sets

These wind turbine blade sets are constructed to the highest of standards, and are used at the heart of our 1KW downwind range.  They can easily be adapted to suit other turbines, and will produce up to 1.2kW of power in 12.5m/s winds.  The blade set comes in kit form, including 5 x high-spec blades, manufactured in black PAG material (virtually indestructible, and don't require painting), with 2 x 5-blade hubs (black anodised finish) and location pitch pins (25 degree root angle).  Once assembled, the complete rotor, measuring 1800mm in diameter, can be adapted to suit many power generators, and will perform best in the 300 to 900 RPM range.  The hub is supplied with enough nuts & bolts to assemble the complete rotor, and has 5 mounting holes, each of 6mm in diameter, positioned in a pentagon shape at a PCD of 90mm.  The main boss hole in the hub has a diameter of 74.6mm, and care should be taken to accurately, securely and centrally mount the completed rotor on to your intended application.

In order to achieve the best results from these blades, the final rotor assembly should be balanced by the user prior to being used in any application.  Neither FuturEnergy Ltd nor the blade manufacturers accept any responsibility for any issues arising from unbalanced rotors in any application.  Each blade set will be supplied with instructions on how to perform a ‘static balance’ of the assembled rotor, and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that every effort has been made to address any balancing issues prior to using these blades.       

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High-Power Cable

For use with our turbines and PMG's, this cable is very flexible, High-Power with a 10sq mm conductor area (8 AWG), available in Red or Black.  Ideal for connecting the DC power output from our turbines, down your tower to your batteries, charge controller, heating element or inverter.  Also good for making your battery bus bar connections.  The cable is sold per meter, and has the following specifications...

  • Single core PVC insulated High-Power cable, ideal for use with wind turbines, batteries, power interconnections, charge controllers and heating element connections
  • Each cable contains 80 x 0.4sq mm plain annealed copper conductors with heat resisting PVC insulation rated up to +105 oC
  • UL, AWM, CSA, TEW, BS6231 and SEMCO recognised
  • Maximum working voltage: 600 Volts
  • 10sq mm overall conductor area, suitable for currents up to 75A
  • Volt drop of only 2.2mV/A/m
  • Weight 1.2Kg per 10m
    Buy Now - RED or BLACK - £3.50 per meter inc VAT

Postage price dependent on length ordered


solar charger

Portable USB solar Charger

For use with your own USB charger cables, or with our optional Connectivity Packs, this USB solar charger will provide power for your Phone, PDA, GameBoy or MP3 player while on-the-move or on the beach!!.

Constructed in High Impact ABS and using the very latest in Solar Cell Technology, this pocket USB solar charger has Built-In NiMH batteries to absorb power in all lighting conditions. Simply connect your USB power cable to the integrated USB socket and connect your Phone, PDA or other electronic device to initiate charging. The integral power store within the Solar Charger will give you power, even in the dark, with enough energy stored to boost the charge in your Phone, even in the absence of sunlight.

Ideal for use outdoors, on the beach or anywhere that you won't have access to 'mains' yourself from power adapters and car chargers...

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