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Vehicle Wrapping Fleets of vehicles, One off custom graphics
Vans & Commercials, Trucks, Trailors, Cars, Bikes
gives you the ultimate marketing tool

The over-laminate not only provides the wrap project with a beautifully glossy finish, but helps to protect the vehicle from scratches, stone chips, vehicle brush washes, chemicals, petrol etc.

NO POPPING OUT with Van Wraps

The structure of the wrapping materials makes it highly flexible. It will follow the contours of the vehicle and conform into deep grooves and stay put.


Taking approximately 8 hours to wrap a van means that it's out of action for much less time than if it were being sprayed.

Van Wraps Are Easily Removed
If an advertising campaign comes to an end or a corporate identity changes, the wrapping can be removed in approximately 2.5 hours, leaving no glue residues and returning the vehicle to it's pre - wrapped state.

The only limitation to what is printed on the material is imagination, transforming vehicles into powerful advertising tools that will be seen everywhere!



Vehicle advertising facts

City driving potential is 400-700 advertising impressions per mile
Compared to a half page advertisement in the local business newspaper, vehicle advertising is up to 1,000% more cost effective .

Vehicle wrapping protects your vehicles paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions
Vehicle wrapping can be removed within five years or if you need a change of design or want to sell your vehicle

Our cost-effective vehicle wrapping production methods enable us to provide a competitive design, print and application service for all kinds of vehicles.

Prices start from £600* for a full vehicle wrap, which has a life span of around 5 years!

Cost comparison

Newspaper advertising versus

In a typical regional daily newspaper, a 100mmx 65mm colour ad on the front page would cost around £450 for one insertion.

Even inside the paper a small ad would cost around £300 for only one day. And that’s only the media space!

A full colour vehicle wrap on an average size car, including design, production and installation, costs from only £600 and will last for 3-5 years. Every mile you travel gives you another opportunity to reach potential customers.

are introducing a wrapping rental scheme whereby clients can pay a small initial deposit starting from just £300* followed by a monthly fee starting from £40.00* during the period of rental .Please call Jamie on 01227 263 074 who will be glad to discuss your requirements,or E-MAIL US FOR MORE INFO

Partial wraps
This approach combines the traditional cut-vinyl application with the impressive photographic capabilities of the digital photography. With premium design, this powerful combination delivers eye-popping results every time. This option is ideal for companies with set budget considerations and is also a fantastic cost effective solution for that extra visual punch in fleet advertising.

With a Wrap It Partial wrap, you maximize impressions with minimal investment. We take a close look into all aspects of your unique vehicle. Vehicle colour, size, dimension, and overall unique body type are just some of the considerations we take in designing each clients custom vehicle advert.

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Vehicle advertising benifits

Raises company profile and reinforces identity
Promotes your company day and night
Reaches a wider audience than traditional newspaper and TV advertising with an even greater reach than static roadside advertising

Gives older vehicles a new look
Reduces overall vehicle running costs due to paint protection properties of wrapping.
Enhances staff loyalty in vehicle, company and product
Protects the vehicle paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions and is removable within five years, leaving you with a fully saleable vehicle
Prominent design and high colour will help deter vehicle theft

Completely wrapping an entire vehicle in self-adhesive film may seem a bizarre concept, but it provides a unique opportunity for the production of distinctive promotional graphics.
The material wrap it uses is the only material on the market to have had five years thorough ‘on the road’ testing by thousands of German taxis that are all over colour wrapped. The material has set the benchmark by being easily removable for at least five years. The wrap protects the vehicle’s paintwork against stone chips and minor scratches, it also ensures that, when the times to sell arrives, the paintwork has been safeguarded with no dulling or fading.


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