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Vehicle Wrapping is Here!

It is a fast evolving market for eye-catching graphics which bring roadside advertising to the fore.

Vehicle wrapping captures the attention of potential customers and increase awareness of products from a commuting or roadside perspective. Many varied and complex designs can be achieved such as graduated toning along the vehicles length, as well as bright and colourful advertising campaigns, which cannot fail to attract the attention of people as they pass by.

On yourDoor                                     
For the first time in this area, Wrap It can offer a dedicated service for vehicle wrapping. With an experienced design team we can offer a service which is second to none. If you want to make a massive impact to potential clients, then this media is the future for your advertising and marketing. Tap into your potential clients before your competitors do it first!                                                                                    
GREAT PROTECTION The over- laminate not only provides the wrap project with a beautifully glossy finish, but helps to protect the vehicle from scratches, stone chips vehicle brush washes, chemicals, petrol etc.                    
NO POPPING OUT The structure of the materials makes it highly flexible. It will follow the contours of the vehicle and conform into deep grooves and stay put.Taking approximately 8 hours to wrap a van means that it's out of action for much less time than a respray would take.
IF AN ADVERTISING campaign comes to an end or a corporate identity changes, the wrap can be removed in approximately 2.5 hours, leaving no glue residues and returning the vehicle to its  original state                                  
POWERFUL ADVERTISING TOOL                             
The only limitation to what is printed on the material is imagination, transforming vehicles into powerful advertising tools that will be seen everywherel 
vehicle wrapping


Vehicle Wrapping can be applied to Any kind of vehicle.It can be used as a form of outdoor advertising, and Wrap It has exploited this form of new media to include a diverse & exciting range of vehicles.

This age of exciting new Vehicle wrapping media has offered an affordable alternative to more traditional advertising such as poster domains. Advancement in printing technologies & materials enables Vehicle wraps to use the vehicle space to create an affordable advert wrapping image. The hugely diverse range of vehicles available to us today are amongst the best in modern media choices to use as an eye catching wrapping to advertise any brand. It has creative potential that can be passive or active, involving or subtle.

The only limitation to what is printed on the material is imagination, transforming vehicles into powerful advertising tools that will be seen everywhere!


VEHICLE WRAPPING Print Methods,Materials, Application


VAN WRAPS Digital print technology is quickly overtaking traditional screen and litho print methods as the preferred production method for durable vehicle wrapping graphics. One off’s and shorts runs can be produced economically and quickly, and the size of a vehicle graphic is limited only to your imagination.
We have installed the latest digital print system, which produces vibrant, eye catching, photographic quality Vehicle wrapping graphic. Using durable solvent based inks, printing at a true 1440 dpi and with the added benefit of a six colour ink set, we offer a print quality second to none.

VEHICLE Wrapping Materials

VAN WRAPS Wrap It can produce your wraps to your specific needs, whether it be a short term one off vehicle or an ever changing fleet. We currently use wrapping films and high performance self-adhesive materials produced by all the worlds top manufacturers including.
These materials have a durability from one to ten years offering various types of adhesives (removable or permanent) and conformability.

CAR WRAPS With each wrapping project and every client having their own specific requirements, the correct materials need to be selected to guarantee a successful vehicle wrapping. At Wrap-it, we only deal with the main material manufacturers, and thoroughly test new materials on vehicle 's before entering them onto our specified wrap list. We currently use wrapping films and high performance self-adhesive materials produced by Mactac 3M Avery Dennison KPMF Metamark.


CAR WRAPS The final ingredient in the production of successful vehicle wrapping and high demand vehicle branding is the application of the graphics. This is when training and experience is essential, and where all the planning and careful printing and production of the vehicle’s design result in a proficient result. It is essential that the application of graphic wraps takes place under the correct conditions, and all necessary facilities are available, including a dry, warm location with power and lighting. The vehicle to be wrapped needs to be suitably prepared to enable successful vehicle wrapping.

CAR WRAPS The graphics are only as good as the application to the vehicle. Wrap It has highly trained fitters and a vast amount of experience in the industry. Some of our fitters travel the world teaching others to wrap vehicles. Our premises have the ideal environment for vehicle wrapping and was bespoked for this intent.

VEHICLE WRAPPING Warranties and Guarantees

CAR WRAPS All of our work carry’s full and comprehensive warranties matching this with our fully trained wrapping technicians and you have a enviable service


Welcome to our VEHICLE WRAPPING Wrap It vehicle graphics section, also known as car wraps. Ad wraps is your source for car wraps,
vehicle wraps, auto wraps, car wrapping, and car advertising. The wrapping material that we use is a high-quality vinyl adhesive product designed to be used on painted vehicles specifically for wrapping purposes.

Ad wraps has created some of most appealing and eye catching car wraps in the industry. We always strive to produce high quality ad wraps to give your business the advertising advantage over your competitors by using mobile advertising.

Whether you are a business looking to advertise your company on you vehicle by having a car ad wrapped or if you are interested you can take a look at our car wrapping campaigns.

Please take a look at some of the ad wrap work we have designed in the past and contact us for a free quote today!